The most common malicious poisoning one tends to see in veterinary practice is that of Temik, also known as “Two Step”. Temik was previously used as an insecticide on farms. It looks very similar to “poppy seeds” and can be bought illegally at taxi ranks and train stations. Burglars place it in meat such as sausage or mince, which is then thrown over the wall of a house so the dogs on the property can eat it. Signs of poisoning are usually seen within 5-20 minutes.

The most common signs are: Excessive salivation, vomiting, abdominal pain defaecation/diarrhoea, not wanting to eat, runny eyes/nose, difficulty breathing/blue gums, muscle twitching, restlessness, paralysis.

If you suspect your dog has been poisoned, call your security company/SAPS immediately to alert them. Your pet will need emergency veterinary treatment, so know where your 24 hour vet is as these episodes usually happen in the middle of the night.

FOURWAYS VET – 011 705 3411

BRYANSTON VET – 011 706 6023/4/5.

If possible get your animal to eat a large meal like tinned food, bread etc. It helps when the vet tries to make them vomit to get the poison out and also helps absorb the poison. If in any doubt call the vet to discuss or take your pet in for a check up.