We often get presented with blind animals in our practice, and the question which inevitably follows is do I need to euthanase my pet? The simple answer is definitely NO!!! Blind animals cope exceptionally well, as their other senses compensate and they can live a perfectly normal life otherwise. Remember that animals already depend on us, so if they need to a little more it doesn’t make a big difference. Swimming pools, balconies and busy roads can pose tricky areas so make sure your pet is safe around these areas.  Here are some tips on keeping your blind pet happy and comfortable:

1) Try not to change around the furniture. They have taken the time to learn where everything is, don’t confuse them!

2) Cover the pool area or use a Safety Turtle alarm (attach to collar and if it makes contact with water it sends an alarm signal into your house). Available from PoolSafe SA.

3) Barricade balcony edges so they can’t fall off.

4) Fence your property and keep gates closed so there is no access to the road.

5) Toys which make a noise are the best 🙂

6) Keep an identity tag/microchip on your pet. You never know…

7) Always keep on a leash (or a harness is even better) when outside the safe confines of your home. It helps guide them along the way.

8) If you don’t already have another pet, but are thinking of getting another one, now couldn’t be a better time. Blind animals tend to use their visual counterparts as a guide around the house.