This issue has become a much debated one and personally, why on earth would you not microchip your pet??!! The benefits are obvious and far outweigh the minor discomfort of a once off injection to insert the chip, and remember if your animal is under sedation/anaesthetic for another procedure then to insert a chip is painless. The countless hours I have spent scanning lost animals for chips could have been much better spent and so many pets are never ever reunited with their original owner despite our best efforts. Microchips are inexpensive and are a permanent form of identification. Collars and tags can so easily get lost or removed. Losing a pet is extremely traumatic for all involved and the costs of placing ads, calling around and time spent searching quickly add up.
Pets, especially cats, can easily get out of properties whether it be a gate left open, via holes in fences or even digging under walls. Never say never!
If your pet could speak, they would definitely say “Thanks for microchipping me, I promise not to wee in the house or chew the carpet anymore!”
Seriously though, think about it…
Here at Olivedale Vet we use Identipet Chips and the costs involved are:
R399 (cost of chip and to insert chip)
R65 (IDENTIPET Annual Service Fee) OR R425 (IDENTIPET once off Lifetime Membership Fee). Paid directly to IDENTIPET.